Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Tonight! and TOMORROW NIGHT!

PEeEp The Travels tonight at 12 o'clock eastern for Carls newest flip cam addition.

I'll have an edit posted consisting of the Big Dick Bandits last road trip.

Here are a few pictures I took with disposable cameras throughout the trip:

My All Star Bench Comrads

AJ is so god damn joyous!

AJ Straight FIRE the whole trip.

Words can't describe the BANGERS that went down here that day....

Dubs smoking a cigarette in the hotel room. Whiteboi Wa$ted.

Dubs went so fucking hard in the paint in Atlanta.

Convincing Julio & AJ he isn't sorry.

Dubs and I, Minutes before he chipped my tooth.  Obviously Coherent....

Just thought that was rad.

Goin Hard on the AllStar Bench

Ben wore that to every bar new years eve.

Bye Ya'll!

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