Sunday, January 30, 2011

Papa bear, taking a break from hibernation....

 Put away the skateboard and pick up a 30 rack and some Rebel Yell, cause we all know the snow isn't going anywhere until Spring.

Here are some clips from Dubs' basement TF, and also Ben being the fucking man:

Invierno from Tim Brown on Vimeo.
BDB Mansion, And ben being the fucking man

Also, this dudes part is FIRE.
Drew Windon from Scumco & Sons on Vimeo.
From Fuck Bo-Fah Yinz! Vol.2 Skate or Die, Winter 2010/11 video from OneUp Skateshop Pittsburgh and Rob Starr.

And AJ lurkin' good in this pic:

From here on out, nothing else will suffice:
Bye Ya'll!

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