Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Super Big Cell Phone Photo Post.


One Time Captain had a REAL rough night, sorry brother.
One Time these women forcefully tried to see my penis.

One Time I read these words of wisdom in a Providence Bathroom. Hey Thanks!
One Time Captain got body shots taken off him

One Time I saw this dude throw up in the Wawa bathroom...Boy was I bummed.

One Time Murph and I couldn't find naked girls at a party. So we brought the naked girls TO the party.
One Time Mo WAS the Great Gatsby

One Time this bitch stole a bike...Flyer on Ben's fridge...Read Carefully

One Time Carl wore a  muscle shirt to a party. Apparently chicks dig feminine arms...

One Time Anthony left a party where everyone was only drinking Pabst, with a mystery Hurricane High Grav.

One Time: Self Explanatory
One Time Ben, Carl, Anthony, And Myself Partied With Mao, Shit got nuts.
One Time Mao was cool enough to crash with us after a night of getting wild
One Time Ben fell asleep on a kitchen floor covered in popcorn.
And at the same TIME Carl opted for the high route and slept on some cabinets

Never will the body of the man who did this to Murphs face be found.
One time Ben, Adam, and myself drank a bottle of Cherry Schnapps
One Time Dubs Got Iced
One Time this Random Kid Passed Out with Throw Up Boogers

One time PB was a Pizza for Halloween. It was Awesome.

Steady Stackin' Throwaway clips. Filmed with a lot on Saturday with some Exit do0ds. Look for that soonish.

Bye Ya'll!

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