Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Some Pictures From Providence

On the way to Providence we stopped to get gas and piss. And I grabbed a disposable camera, well i just realized today "hey i better get that developed" here are some Choice pictures:
  These were some awesome ledges along the waterfront, also where Mo's board fell victim to the water
Bangin' Ass Cuban Spot Real Talk
Hype'd on life, and Bud Light.
Only Necessity All Trip.
Men Of The Night
Awesome Sculpture Mimicking a Tree With Toy Guns Cemented In
REAL TALK: These Pajamas Just Straight Blew My Mind.
Ben and I Found a News Article About this Petite Little Hipster.  We made it our mission to find "Zoey The Beekeeper" and have our way with her. Sadly, this didn't happen, and she remained a masturbatory object in the left corner of our bathrooms mirror

What a great trip.

Shredded Today with A-tom and Kev. Definitely gonna have some rad ass clips up tomorrow. 

Bye Ya'll!

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