Thursday, February 18, 2010

Mid-Hibernation Entry.

Snow, it is....It is everywhere...

The news anchors are constantly speaking of how " We don't want a fast snow melt this year" and they then elude to 1996, when mass amounts of rain and temperature spikes caused snow to melt too quickly flooding neighborhoods and houses, 6 people even perished.
Well, fuck that.
            I want rain, I want floods, and fuck it I want people to die. If thats what it takes to be able to  ride my plank outdoors then so be it...

But, on a lighter note here is some footage from a nicer day in late January.

Whilst skating a bump we found in West Philly A-tom's wheel decided to bail on him, good thing he realized before poppin', catchin', and attempting to stomp dat bitch.

You can see it fly out of the frame...

Laydur, Wheel. from Tim Brown on Vimeo.

Those "Dents" in that mans car he was hollering about they were actually from us, thanks to Kevin losing control of his board moments before the man came out... Thanks K.G. for always keepin it lively.

I haven't ACTUALLY skateboarded in 2 weeks. This is a record for me, I believe...
P33P back So0N...

Bye Ya'll

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