Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Bros 'N' Hoes...Minus the hoes.

So, I truly hope my procrastination has thoroughly annoyed all of you..
Last week I spent a day bro-camin with PB, we then met up with Carl and Kev at shit park.
Finally, here are a few clips some new some a tad old..
OH, and the worlds dirtiest lens award goes to.....

Chill, Bro. from Tim Brown on Vimeo.

Sir Pat Bryan, better known as PB has a full length part coming out later this year in Phil Gushues newest skateboarding saga titled "Spot On".  Spot On is showcasing some of Philadelphia's best natural born rippers, and with Gushue as warrior chief calling the shots and Exit Skateshop back-boning the entire project, one can only expect truly great things... Check the Trailer Below.
And Be sure to stay updated by adding www.HushGush.com to your favorites.

Hell Yeah!

Bye Ya'll

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