Sunday, February 28, 2010

Shake It.

So, I'm tired of constantly not having a lick of any original content to put up here.  I have scraps of clips laying around and I'm sure some are blog-worthy. Can't wait for this abusive and annoying winter to end.

Went to the Custom Cruisers show at Exit last night, definitely some awesome work by Todd Marone and Formation Skateboards.

Todd Marrone's Site -Check his site! Great stuff.

Everyones Favorite Local Board Companies Site
Click both those for some rad pictures from last night.

Last, but not least.
Guess whose bloated beer belly this is:
Bye Ya'll

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Tunes For Goons.

I'm not one to push my music interests on others. Ever.
But, Jenny Lewis has me completely infatuated with everything and anything she does.
So for lack of skate material for right now p33p this babe:

I may be making a major purchase within the next few days.
Check back tonight, or tomorrow.

Bye Ya'll

Monday, February 22, 2010

I, Want To Suck....

This has nothing to do with anything.  Just Rack em' Willie gets me every time..

Skated all this weekend, thankfully!
Possibly some clips today, probably not though. <33

P33P Back This Week

Bye Ya'll

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Mid-Hibernation Entry.

Snow, it is....It is everywhere...

The news anchors are constantly speaking of how " We don't want a fast snow melt this year" and they then elude to 1996, when mass amounts of rain and temperature spikes caused snow to melt too quickly flooding neighborhoods and houses, 6 people even perished.
Well, fuck that.
            I want rain, I want floods, and fuck it I want people to die. If thats what it takes to be able to  ride my plank outdoors then so be it...

But, on a lighter note here is some footage from a nicer day in late January.

Whilst skating a bump we found in West Philly A-tom's wheel decided to bail on him, good thing he realized before poppin', catchin', and attempting to stomp dat bitch.

You can see it fly out of the frame...

Laydur, Wheel. from Tim Brown on Vimeo.

Those "Dents" in that mans car he was hollering about they were actually from us, thanks to Kevin losing control of his board moments before the man came out... Thanks K.G. for always keepin it lively.

I haven't ACTUALLY skateboarded in 2 weeks. This is a record for me, I believe...
P33P back So0N...

Bye Ya'll

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Mother Nature, Why Have You Forsaken Thee?

So, honestly a one-two punch has absolutely crippled the east coast and also abolished any thoughts of skateboarding outdoors for a very long time...

This Time Tomorrow on Friday night was so fucked up good.  Kudos to Chris Mulhern for making another great skateboarding film.  Top 5 favorite videos of all time for sure.

I'll have some Footage up tonight or tomorrow....So check back.

Bye Ya'll!

Friday, February 5, 2010


Don't forget "This Time Tomorrow" a film by Chris Mulhern Premieres tonight! GET HYPED.
The premiere is at the Trocadero located 1003 Arch Street, Philadelphia, PA.
First showing is at 9, Second at 10.
I highly suggest going at 8 o'clock sharp to catch a photo exhibit by Zander Taketomo.

Link: This Time Tomorrow

Oh, and we're about to be anally raped by a huge snow storm.  So, sit tight i'll probably get bored and throw random clips sitting on my computer up.

Bye Ya'll!

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Bros 'N' Hoes...Minus the hoes.

So, I truly hope my procrastination has thoroughly annoyed all of you..
Last week I spent a day bro-camin with PB, we then met up with Carl and Kev at shit park.
Finally, here are a few clips some new some a tad old..
OH, and the worlds dirtiest lens award goes to.....

Chill, Bro. from Tim Brown on Vimeo.

Sir Pat Bryan, better known as PB has a full length part coming out later this year in Phil Gushues newest skateboarding saga titled "Spot On".  Spot On is showcasing some of Philadelphia's best natural born rippers, and with Gushue as warrior chief calling the shots and Exit Skateshop back-boning the entire project, one can only expect truly great things... Check the Trailer Below.
And Be sure to stay updated by adding to your favorites.

Hell Yeah!

Bye Ya'll