Thursday, December 24, 2009

What The F&%^...#3

Okay, so I know parents get there kids a lot of stupid, useless, and ridiculous bull shit for Christmas:
But I swear to god if I had to ever gotten this moronic creation:

My parents better had hope I still believed in Santa Clause so I would have someone to take my Christmas morning fury out on. That fat bastards ass would have been grass.....


So, Wait, hold on! They're colored markers that are special because they make dots AND Solid lines?
So they're Claim is: "Hey those old plain markers just aren't cutting the mustard! With their anti-uniform dots, and shoddy solid lines, buy our bull-spit and you'll draw up beautiful landscapes, silly dogs, and butterfly pictures with EASE".  

If that shit sells I'm pursuing a career in the Toy Industry.


Bye Ya'll

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